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Marshall Law is the next veteran to make a grand return in Tekken 8


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Bandai Namco, having only just recently released a trailer for Paul Phoenix, has swiftly followed up with a new character spotlight for his buddy Marshall Law, who is now officially announced for the roster of the fantastic-looking Gen 9 fighter Tekken 8.

Marshall Law is a Tekken OG, having made his debut in the original 1994 iteration of the legendary franchise. While he would eventually be usurped by his lookalike son, Forrest, Marshall Law has continued to make his presence known throughout the series, and will step back into the ring for Tekken 8 — a little older, a little more weathered, but no less the highly skilled martial arts master. As spritely as he ever was, the new trailer sees Law laying down his namesake, tragic leather pants in tow.

Marshall Law’s freeform martial arts skills — a variant of the Jeet Kune Do style developed by Bruce Lee — are bolstered with the use of a pair of nunchaku, allowing him to put a fresh hurting on his hapless opponent with his notoriously deceptive combo strings. Law’s array of blistering strikes is in full effect, as well as his acrobatic flip kicks, but we’re yet to see any sign of his iconic “Run Up Your Opponent and Do a Moonsault” grab — I’m sure it’s in the mix. Law ends the battle with his super, which features a twin nunchaku combo followed up with an Enter the Dragon chest stomp. Rough day for Mr. Phoenix.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. It is tentatively expected to launch in 2023. Once you’ve watched Marshall Law do his thing, then be sure to check out the previous trailers for Jin KazamaKazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix.

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