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Jack-8, the ‘High Tech Annihilator’, dominates in Tekken 8 trailer

You DO know Jack

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You know the name, and you could’ve predicted the number — Bandai Namco has released another character trailer for its great-looking fighter Tekken 8, this time focusing on the return of one of the franchise’s longest-“living” characters: the destructive battle droid, Jack-8.

Jack, as Tekken fans will be fully aware, is essentially the name of numerous characters in the Tekken series, essentially depicted as newly upgraded versions of the original Mishima Zaibatsu robo-soldier. While each successive game has seen Jack’s visual style and overall sense of technical reliability improve, the character has consistently been a heavy power hitter, taking down his opponents with huge, clubbing blows and an increasingly ridiculous range of weaponry and firepower. Let’s take a look at Jack-8.

From this first glance, Tekken 8‘s Jack-8 model looks incredibly — dare I say — “Cyber”, somehow sporting a more futuristic design while still being oddly archaic in design. Still, despite his new look, our favorite metal man is still more than capable of flattening the opposition with the aforementioned haymakers and axhandles — given an extra boost in the form of explosive detonations on impact. To call it a day, Jack-8 calls in a ridiculously oversized energy cannon, wiping out the enemy, (and almost himself), with a devastating beam of raw power, not dissimilar to Iron Man’s Proton Cannon from Marvel vs. Capcom.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. It is tentatively expected to launch in 2023. Be sure to check out the previous trailers for Jin KazamaKazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, King, Paul Phoenix, and Lars Alexandersson. We only need see the returning Jun Kazama and the opening salvo of the sequel’s roster is complete.

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