Jay and Silent Bob get a Double Dragon-like brawler on Switch next week

Strike back

A press release hit my inbox this afternoon for a new Jay and Silent Bob video game, which triggered a distant-and-faded memory of writing about a Jay and Silent Bob game once before. “Is this that?” I wondered. “Did that game already happen? Is it all the Mandela Effect and I never wrote about snootchie bootchies?”

I did! It’s a co-op beat-em-up called Chronic Blunt Punch that stars Jay and Silent Bob. That’s not what this press release was about, though. This is a co-op beat-em-up that stars Jay and Silent bob, but it’s called Mall Brawl.

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl is a retro-tinged brawler in the vein of Double Dragon and River City Ransom. Everyone’s favorite never-not-high slackers battle mall punks and rent-a-cops as they tackle their grand ambition of getting from the mall to the Quick Stop. Call it Mallspats or Chasing Maimy. Or Flogma.

Mall Brawl is a precursor to Chronic Blunt Punch, two projects that developer Interabang are concurrently working on. There’s no word as to when Chronic Blunt Punch will be ready, but Mall Brawl is open for business on May 7 — much sooner than real-life Jersey malls. It’s coming to PC and Switch with local co-op at a price of $15. Snoogans.

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