Japanese 3DS sales climb after price drop

Captain Obvious flew overhead just now. He gave me a really bitchy wince from the sky, as if to say really? in response to my headline for this article. I threw back a face that combined sternly narrowed eyes and tightened lips as if to say, “fu*k off for today, man.”

Nintendo has just passed the 1.5 million units sold with the 3DS in Japan, and they have the recent price drop to thank for that. Probably. Enterbrain says that last week, following the price drop, 214,821 units were sold. That figure is actually the second highest weekly total, only topped by launch week numbers. 

Through August 14, 1,521,326 3DS systems have been sold in Japan, says Andriasang.

I remember reading surveys from Japanese gamers that said that many of them wanted to wait for a price drop. I poked fun at those people. Now look who is laughing. 

Dale North