It looks like Lucas and Mewtwo are also getting amiibo

Start worrying now about finding Lucas

[Update: Oops, looks like amiibo were confirmed a while ago. Still, the placeholders are new, indicating that something concrete may be imminent.]

Nintendo’s approach to the Smash Bros. line of amiibo has been simple: release a figurine for every fighter. Four full waves in, and it’s almost a certainty that the entire roster will be memorialized with a hard-to-obtain toy. A new retail listing suggests that’ll hold true for characters who are added post-release.

Game UK has put up placeholders for both Lucas and Mewtwo amiibo. There’s no juicy info like a release date or image — just pages saying that they both exist (or will exist, rather). With E3 right around the corner and a few Nintendo Directs on the horizon, these will very likely get officially announced then.

Lucas fans have both this to look forward to, as well as actually playing as him in Smash Bros. The Mother 3 protagonist doesn’t join the cast until June 14. Mewtwo has been available as Smash DLC since April of this year.

Lucas, Mewtwo [Game UK]

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