Resident Evil 4 remake multiplayer coop
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Is the Resident Evil 4 remake multiplayer or coop?

Getting scared with a friend?

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Resident Evil 4 remake multiplayer would be a blast, especially if you could control Leon and Ashley at the same time. It has been available in past Resident Evil games such as RE5 and Revelations 2, but in recent years, they are solo affairs.

However, some earlier entries have a Mercenaries mode, which has you eliminating the undead for high scores with your friends. Here’s everything we know about Resident Evil 4 remake multiplayer and coop.

Does the Resident Evil 4 remake have multiplayer?

Resident Evil 4 remake multiplayer
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The Resident Evil 4 remake doesn’t provide any multiplayer when you first boot up the game. The title is single-player only as you save the President’s daughter Ashley and confront the undead in the village. None of the main campaign is coop, which is a shame for those who love Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6

Typically after you finish the main story of a modern Resident Evil game, a new Mercenaries mode is unlocked. However, this time, the mode is not available at launch. Capcom has announced it is on the way, but it will be coming in a post-release update on April 7.

What is the Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries Mode?

Resident Evil 4 remake Ada Wong
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Not many details have been shared about Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenary Mode. If earlier games are anything to go by, it’s basically a horde mode. You’ll be facing the undead in multiple waves, playing as the featured characters in the main storyline.

You’ll also unlock new weapons and abilities as you proceed. We’ll likely be able to play as Leon, Ashley, and Ada Wong, among other notable characters from the game. Matching up with your friends will be a bit more difficult as it’s not on Xbox Game Pass; everyone will have to buy a copy of Resident Evil 4 remake.

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