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Will the Resident Evil 4 remake be on Xbox Game Pass?

Help me, Leon!

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The remake of Resident Evil 4 is close at hand, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers might be a little cautious about dropping $60 on the title at launch. After all, lots of recent releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Atomic Heart have launched on Game Pass. Naturally, you might be curious about whether or not RE4 will be getting the same treatment.

Unfortunately, the short answer is “probably not.”

Game Pass in March

Resident Evil 4 will be released on March 24. Microsoft has already announced the Xbox and PC Game Pass lineup for March, and RE4 isn’t a part of that lineup. There have been surprise Game Pass releases in the past, but major AAA titles like this are usually announced well in advance. This means that folks hoping to revisit Leon Kennedy’s adventures through Spain will have to buy Resident Evil 4 for themselves.

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Game Pass alternatives

If you’re really desperate for a good survival horror experience on Game Pass, you’ve still got a few options. All Game Pass subscribers can play The Evil Within, a Resident Evil-alike directed by the series original creator, as well as original RE4 director, Shinji Mikami. Subscribers can also jump on Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, the popular asymmetric multiplayer horror game. Folks on the PC Game Pass plan or the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan can also play the first three Dead Space games (although the recent Dead Space remake won’t be available for a little while yet).

But if you’re specifically looking to play Resident Evil 4, then you have little other option but to pick up the title when it launches, March 24, on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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