Is SSX Blur hard to control? No, it’s not, stupid face! Whatever, doody breath!

When SSX Blur was first announced for the Wii, I had my doubts. I questioned whether or not complicated game controls would ruin the experience and turn off some gamers. IGN disagreed — in their 8.5 review, they praise the control scheme, saying it’s “the first step in the right direction for SSX on the Wii.” 1up, on the other hand, couldn’t get it. Reviewer Andrew Pfister (best name ever) found the controls unresponsive and spotty.

In response, YouTube user Truedoogie posted the above video of himself pulling off all of the game’s ubertricks with ease. Good for him.

So which is it? While there’s always room for disagreement, “traditional” controllers do tend to offer a uniform experience across different users. The Wii controller, on the other hand, seems to be a different story. There does tend to be more room for error when it comes to flicking and moving the Wii controllers.

It seems that Nintendo’s new control scheme is not as “pick up and play” as they hoped it would be. Some people “get it” and others don’t. Has anyone else had these kinds of disparate experiences with others while playing any particular Wii games?

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