Is Konami working on a Castlevania for the 3DS?

Konami has already confirmed a number of titles for the Nintendo 3DS, including games in the Metal Gear, Frogger, and Contra franchises. Although not confirmed, Castlevania may be among those titles, as well.

According to new rumors from industry writer Paul Gale, sources are indicating that Konami’s “arrests and 3D modelers have already begun work  on then next Castlevania game and that it’s for 3DS.” Additionally, Gale mentions that the game may make use of the handheld’s 3D camera.

Earlier this year when I spoke with Igarashi at E3, he admitted to not only having a 3DS development kit, but finding the technology extremely interesting. At that time, he said that  he certainly wanted to create games for the 3DS, but his ideas were still in the early stages.

Considering the critical success of the Castlevania titles for Nintendo’s handhelds — including the Game Boy Advance and DS — a new entry for the series on the 3DS seems like a given. The idea certainly already has piqued my interest, and I’m certain I’m not alone, right?

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Nick Chester