Hyrule Warriors’ A Link Between Worlds DLC is coming next week

October 31

A Link Between Worlds is creepin’ into Hyrule Warriors (yes that game is not done with DLC yet over two years later and one 3DS re-release in) on October 31 in Japan (and presumably the rest of the world), Koei Tecmo has announced.

It’s quite simply titled the “Link Between Worlds” pack, and will feature merchant Ravio and villain Yuga for $6.99 on consoles, with the 3DS edition netting 15 My Fairy costume pieces 17 costumes, and a new Adventure map. Yes, the Wii U version gets the short end of the stick again — which would be fine if it were just My Fairy stuff, but missing out on a map really sucks as it’s arguably the best part of the game.

You can find great hands-on coverage for every previous DLC character here from our own CJ Andriessen.

Zelda [Game City via Gematsu]

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