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How to use Photo Mode in Cult of the Lamb

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Photo Mode is one of the best features in the Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith update. While the additional structures, enhanced combat, and introduction of God Tears were all wins, the photo mode is that feature that basically caters to being a fan of the game. It serves no function other than taking snapshots of the funniest or weirdest moments in a delightfully dark game. The new mode isn’t hard to use, but there are a couple of things to note.

How to Take a Picture

To enter photo mode, pause the game to see the menu. Under the option to “Save,” you will see the new mode. Taking a picture is as simple as clicking a button. Before you do though, play around with height and depth. Photo mode pauses the scene, so you can capture mid-ritual for example. The toolbar on the bottom of your screen will tell you how to move into the scene like it’s suddenly 3D. You can get closer to the followers, zooming in on their adorable faces. Playing around with tilting the camera and adjusting the focus can help you home in on your target.

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How to Edit a Picture

While most of the images you can generate just by pausing at the right moment are brochure-level on their own, there is another step you can take. By selecting “Gallery” and then “Edit,” you can add stickers to your images. Most of these are kind of silly, but they can also add a dash of humor. You can scale the size and flip the stickers if you want to get it just perfect. In the image below, I added the little fist in a text bubble. It seemed fitting.

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By far the hardest part of using the photo mode was finding the pictures after I took them. They download automatically, so you may have to go searching for them.  I made a shortcut for the folder once I searched my PC for it. Otherwise, that’s all you have to do! Check out our impressions of the Cult of the Lamb update to learn more about the new features, including how to get Kudaii and Clauneck’s relics.

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