How to get Kudaii and Clauneck relics in Cult of the Lamb

Time to visit the coast

The addition of Relics in Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith revitalizes the combat while giving us several achievements to unlock. Though most Relics unlock while trolling through dungeons, two quests appear on your screen for Clauneck’s Relic and Kudaii’s Relic.

The quests tell you to find the Relics based on clues, but honestly, I don’t even remember seeing the clues. I eventually found them though. So for everyone unable to decipher clues that may or may not have existed in the first place, here’s a guide to finding the Relics.

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Clauneck’s Shoe

To find Clauneck’s Relic, which turns out to be his shoe, head to Pilgrim’s Passage. Thankfully, you don’t have to fish to find this one.

You can’t see behind the lighthouse, but you can keep walking until you get a prompt to “pick up Clauneck’s Shoe.” The Relic lets you fire three projectiles for each Tarot Card you have equipped. Considering that Relics of the Old Faith lets you carry more than four Tarot Cards, you’ll pack serious firepower. I have had as many as six cards at once! But if you have the Relic equipped but no Tarot Cards, you can fire only two projectiles.

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Kudaii’s Fingernail

For Kudaii’s Relic, move to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary, but this time you do go fishing! Not really. There’s a giant fish weighed down like a pack mule behind Plimbo. Walk up to it and you will be prompted to “tickle the fish.” She will spit Kudaii’s Fingernail out with a little heart action to assure you she’s happy with everything that went down. The Relic lets you summon a new, leveled-up weapon, but the real bonus here is the charge speed. This isn’t a one-time weapon switch-out. With an Average charge speed, you can summon another weapon again later on.

Even with these two unlocked, there are still a bunch I haven’t even seen yet. In total, 37 were added with the update, so it gives us plenty to look forward to.

Aside from the Relics, there are new structures to consider alongside Destructoid’s base building tips. Additionally, Relics of the Old Faith adds four new fleeces to the game. You can see how we ranked the previous fleeces here. Overall, with an update this good, I can’t wait to see what else comes to Cult of the Lamb in the future.

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