How to use AutoMod AI on Discord

First, get Automod AI squared away

It’s a big month for Discord, as they’ve rolled out multiple AI-based implementations across the network. In addition to Clyde, an AI mascot of sorts, there’s also AutoMod AI. Here’s how to get started from square one if you’re interested in using AI to help mod your server.

You’ll want to implement Discord’s AutoMod feature first

First, you’ll want to utilize Discord’s AutoMod system to gain access to the new AutoMod AI features.

To do that, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Set server rules for your server (through Server Settings > Rules Screening) to kick things off
  • Here, you can setup rules and guidelines, as well as what channels the AutoMod will ping/report to
  • The core of AutoMod lies within keyword filters, which will allow you to flag severe profanity, insults and slurs, and sexual content (as well as custom fields and text on your end)
  • Head to Server Settings > AutoMod to select options for actions for these filters, including alerts and channel exemptions

Discord has a full FAQ on AutoMods available here.

From there, AutoMod AI will be implemented

Thanks to the new server-side rollout, AutoMod AI is automatically part of the AutoMod feature. Note that Discord is only experimenting with “a limited number of servers,” so it might not be available on your particular server yet.

Here is a more detailed rundown of that situation from Discord:

“This feature [AutoMod AI] is in alpha for a small % of servers. You can check to see if you have it available by going to your AutoMod settings page, Server Settings > AutoMod and look for the Enforce Server Rules option.”

Discord notes that “45 million unwanted messages” have been blocked from servers “before they even had a chance to be posted.” It’s clearly a resounding success, and AutoMod AI will attempt to increase its efficacy even further. AutoMod won’t be drawing from keywords, it’ll instead be looking for context, so that certain messages, which could be in good faith, pass the smell test.

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