How to use Clyde on Discord

Clyde is the new “helpful robot” from Discord

Discord is continuing to roll out new features in rapid succession, and as they continue to experiment with threads and other auto-mod technology, there’s also some major new features in the pipeline. One of those is Clyde: a self-described “helpful robot” (read: AI) that is directly embedded within Discord itself. In other words, you won’t need to install a third party app or bot to use some of these new features. Let’s dig into how it works, and what you can actually do with the Discord Clyde module.

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What is Clyde for Discord, and what does it do?

Clyde is using OpenAI technology to answer questions, and can engage in “extended conversations” with users; utilizing slash commands and DMs. Clyde joins several other AI tools rolling out for Discord, including AutoMod AI, conversation summaries, remixed avatars, and whiteboard AI support.

Discord describes Clyde as ideal for Discord because of how social the platform is, and how it’s less isolating than chatting with a bot by yourself:

“Why is Discord becoming the home for AI? Simple: on Discord you can enjoy AI with friends. Rather than just going solo with an app, you and your friends can see what sorts of exciting, wild and sometimes silly results come from prompts like robo-hamster caught in cardboard box, renaissance painting.”

Features that Clyde can utilize include:

  • Starting threads for hangouts
  • Recommending playlists
  • Access GIF selections
  • Use emojis

Discord promises that Clyde is “learning interesting and fun new things every day,” and will continue to test the system for bugs, as well as new features. It will apparently become a “fundamental part of the Discord experience” in the future, so barring a drastic leadership shift or some sort of regulation, it seems to be here to stay.

How do you use Clyde in Discord?

Using Clyde is more intuitive than, to be frank, most of Discord’s actual core features. To start a conversation with Clyde and get AI help, you’ll type @Clyde in any channel, in any server.

Here are a few examples of commands to use for Clyde:

  • @Clyde could you send a GIF to get the server hyped?
  • @Clyde Hey Clyde, how are you?
  • @Clyde Could you give me 5 fast facts about cats?
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