How to unlock the Loporrits tribe quests in FFXIV

FFXIV Loporrits Beast Tribe Quests

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Final Fantasy XIV regularly adds new content for its millions of players. One of the most popular pieces of content for crafters are the tribal quests. The latest addition is the Loporrits tribe quests in FFXIV. Here’s how to unlock this new tribe and complete their quests.

How to unlock the Loporrits tribe quests in FFXIV

As you might expect if you’ve completed crafting tribe quests in the past, there are some obscure requirements you must meet before you can start the Loporrits tribe quests in patch 6.35. First off, there are two main requirements you must meet before you can do anything else.

You must complete the entire base Endwalker expansion storyline from patch 6.0, culminating in the main story quest “Endwalker.” In addition to that, you must also complete the side quest known as “Dream a Little Dream.”

Dream a Little Dream is a more hidden side quest that you won’t immediately see in the game, unless you meet some other prerequisites first. To reach this point, you’ll need to complete an entirely separate quest line.

Name That Way quest line, explained

The road to unlocking the FFXIV Loporrits tribe quests begins with the Name That Way quest. This is a level-synced side quest in Mare Lamentorum. Players who have already reached the moon in the Endwalker main story and completed the main story quest “Setting Things Straight” will unlock this quest for access.

All you need to do is be a Disciple of War or Magic and head to Knockingway at Mare Lamentorum (X:22.0, Y:10.7). Take on this quest that also rewards you with an Aether Crystal. Complete it and this will lead to other quests in this storyline, as follows, that you must also complete:

  • A Way to Make a Living: Dreamingway at Mare Lamentorum (X: 23.8, Y: 12.2)
  • One Way or Another: Dreamingway at Mare Lamentorum (X:27.3, Y:11.9)
  • Dream a Little Dream: Dreamingway at Mare Lamentorum (X:14.9, Y:9.3)

Where to find Must Be Dreaming(way)

FFXIV unlock Loporrits tribe quests
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After completing Dream a Little Dream and the Endwalker main scenario storyline, you’ll then be ready for the first Loporrit tribe quest. This is known as “Must Be Dreaming(way).” You must be a level 80 or higher Disciple of the Hand.

You can begin this quest by speaking with Dreamingway in Old Sharlayan (X:11.7, Y:10.9). It doesn’t matter which level or job you are at, so long as you are one of the crafting job classes.

Once you complete that quest, you will unlock the FFXIV Loporrits tribe area, sequential quests, and ability to obtain their exclusive rewards.

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