How to solve the Music Box Puzzle in Remnant 2

Learn how to solve Remnant 2’s water harp music box puzzle, with the solution included.

Remnant 2‘s Yaesha world is one of the game’s more impressive biomes: not only because it looks lovely, but also because it features some of the game’s most involved puzzles and gameplay sequences. Depending on the specific version of Yaesha that the player ends up exploring, they may or may not come up against a huge water harp, with the obvious task being that they need to get it to play the right tones for the way to open. Getting the music box puzzle figured out is no small feat, but the good news is that the solution doesn’t seem to be randomly generated after all!

Specifically, while some of the game’s puzzles can roll several different solutions or, in some cases, even totally procedurally generate their codes and symbols, Remnant 2‘s music box puzzle is handled differently. Like the mysterious purple item in the Chimney dungeon, it is seemingly a fixed code, meaning that while the players can figure it out themselves, they can also copy over a different player’s solution and be done with it.

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Finding the music box puzzle in Remnant 2

The good news, broadly speaking, is that since the Pan water harp is a central element of an entire version of Yaesha – the one featuring the Corrupted Ravager as its world boss, specifically – it’s both hard to miss and relatively easy to figure out. It is also, however, a layered puzzle that players won’t be able to solve as soon as they find it. Instead, solving the music box will first take players on a bit of a goose chase around Yaesha, necessitating a pull of the lever every so often.

As is the case with many things in Remnant 2, the specifics will differ significantly from one playthrough of the Ravager storyline to the next. The fixed point of reference is the Forbidden Grove location, which is where the water harp is located. Missing the water harp/music box is effectively impossible, as that’s the only way to reach the Corrupted Ravager in the first place. Before being able to solve the music puzzle, however, players need to take a long walk around the Forbidden Grove in search of a lever that activates the water harp. It’s a relatively long walk around the map, it’s worth pointing out, but circling back around shouldn’t be too big of a hassle.

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Solving the music box puzzle in Remnant 2

Once the water harp is active and players have made their way back at the puzzle location, it’s time to get started on the puzzle proper. There are eight rows of notes that need to be played, and they are denoted by the location of the special metal pegs on the body of the music box. The journal found on a table nearby basically tells the players everything they need to know about the process. Each row of the music box corresponds to a particular journal entry, and piecing it all together is the crux of the puzzle.

For those who are in no mood to figure this out, the solution is as follows:

  • Row #1: slot #5
  • Row #2: no occupied slots
  • Row #3: slot #4
  • Row #4: no occupied slots
  • Row #5: slot #3
  • Row #6: slot #4
  • Row #7: slot #1
  • Row #8: no occupied slots

Once these are all correctly input, all that’s left to do is for players to pull the nearby lever and a massive stone bridge will ascend, leading the players to a grand showdown with the Corrupted Ravager.

Getting extra rewards from the water harp

One last thing to note here is that there’s a cool bonus weapon available in this very puzzle, the Bolt Driver SMG. The process is the same as with the main music box solution, but with a different pin layout:

  • Row #1: slot #1
  • Row #2: slot #4
  • Row #3: no occupied slots
  • Row #4: slot #2
  • Row #5: slot #5
  • Row #6: no occupied slots
  • Row #7: slot #3
  • Row #8: no occupied slots

And that’s it – inputting these will give you a cool new gun to play around with, which is especially handy for those who haven’t invested much in a good secondary weapon in Remnant 2.

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