How to get the Chimney Purple Item in Remnant 2

Though Remnant 2 does have its fair share of bosses and elite-tier enemies for players to grapple around with, not all of the game’s many dungeons end with an actual boss fight. Some of them, like the Chimney, feature a bespoke combat encounter with a unique modifier attached – usually to keep players moving and fighting out of harm’s way. These situations are usually so hectic, in fact, that the developer Gunfire Games used the combat arenas to hide secret items in plain sight.

Naturally, the Chimney – found in the lush red jungles of Yaesha – has one such secret in store as well, and it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of ordeal. The good news, though, is that as long as players have access to the Chimney even after they’ve completed the dungeon in full, they should be able to grab the hidden purple item hovering above the arena. Here’s how!

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Getting the purple item in Remnant 2’s Chimney dungeon

Players looking to snag the rather powerful Downward Spiral Amulet in Remnant 2 don’t have much to worry about, provided that they’ve already cleared the Chimney out. Looking around for this particular item may prove troublesome while there’s a whole horde of Root monsters and a strange electric crystal gunning for the players’ heads, so the obvious recommendation is for players to first wrap up the fight and loot all the obvious goodies along the way.

Then, once that’s settled, players should go back up the combat arena’s huge set of stairs, all the way to the place where they first walked over a large, thick bridge made of tree roots. Once there, all it takes is to look around until the purple item – the Downward Spiral – is spotted.

Though there’s no obvious way to reach the purple item, there is, in fact, yet another bundle of roots holding it up in the air – same as the ones that held the elevator up during the combat encounter – and destroying those will land the Downward Spiral right at the player’s feet as they go back down to the Chimney’s exit point.

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