How to redeem codes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes

We all need Primogems!

In the world of Teyvat, one of the most precious resources you’ll find are Primogems, and you can get those through codes in Genshin Impact. The developer and publisher MiHoYo produces codes that you can redeem at specific times.

Here’s how to redeem those codes in Genshin Impact on the internet or in-game. Primogems, if you are unaware, help you get wishes that will give you new characters like Mika or Mona.

How to use codes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Redeem Code
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Every month, MiHoYo tends to share redeemable codes for Genshin Impact that comes with Mora, items, and most importantly Primogems. They’re usually shared on social media or the update videos that MiHoYo shares on the official YouTube channel. They only last a certain amount of time, however, so here’s how to redeem your codes in Genshin Impact quickly.

If you’re in-game, pause the game and go to the side tab, where you can take a photo or check your inbox. On the bottom of the side tab is a gear symbol. Click or select that and it will take you to the “Settings” menu. You should now see the Controls options, including Graded Vibration Settings and Vibration Strength if you’re playing on a console.

We don’t want the Controls option, however. Instead, head all the way to “Account” with the left thumb stick. Press the cross button (A on PC) and choose “Redeem Code.” Confirm that. Now, you’ll see the “Redeem Rewards” screen. If you’re on PC, type the code that is provided to you by MiHoYo. On console, press the square button and type in the password through the on-screen keyboard. Once that’s done, back out and then press the cross button to exchange.

If you want to redeem a code through a browser, you’ll want to head to the gift section on the official website. Login with your Hoyoverse account, pick the right server and character and then input the code in the “Redemption Code” section. Finally, click on the “Redeem” tab to activate the code.

Where to find Genshin Impact codes

The best way to stay updated on Genshin Impact codes is to follow the official game account on Twitter. MiHoYo will periodically provide promo codes to the account’s followers like the tweet above.

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