How to pop balloons over Hogsmeade Station in Hogwarts Legacy

Fly like the wind!

In Hogwarts Legacy, the teachers handing out extra assignments is actually a good thing. At the end of these little adventures, you get to learn a new spell, which comes in handy as you progress. From Herbology to Potions, each professor will eventually pop up in your Owl Post and ask you to do something. Madam Kogawa, the professor who will teach you how to fly your broom, will ask you to pop some pesky balloons over Hogsmeade Station. Here’s how to do it.

Begin the Quest

After you have finished flight class, bought your broom, and completed the obstacle course, you will eventually get an assignment from Madam Kogawa. She wants you to pop five balloons in two different locations, one of which is Hogsmeade Station. The reward for completing this assignment is a new spell: Glacius. The freezing spell will help you temporarily immobilize an enemy or moving object.

If you still don’t have your broom, and you’re not sure how to unlock the first flying class, then you need to be on the lookout for the “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest. It will be preceded by the only house-exclusive quest in the game.

Go to Hogsmeade Station

You can fly all the way to Hogsmeade if you want, but it’s faster to use Floo Flames. Hogsmeade Station is actually a little to the right of Hogsmeade, near the train tracks and the edge of the water. Your quest should show up on the map to guide you.

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Above the train station are five stationary balloons with a star on each. Whether they are blue or red, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do to pop them is fly through them. Your speed doesn’t even matter. The hardest part is aiming if you’re like me, but it’s still one of the easiest quests available.

Once you fly through the five at Hogsmeade Station, you will have unlocked a new challenge around the map. Now whenever you see the same balloons on your adventures, you can pop them for rewards.

While you’re flying around, exploring the map, you are sure to come across all sorts of new challenges and enemies, including trolls. If you’re looking for a way to defeat a troll while looking like a pro, here’s how to flip a Troll’s club in Hogwarts Legacy.

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