Flipping a Troll's club in Hogwarts Legacy
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How to flip a Troll’s club in Hogwarts Legacy

Troll in the dungeon!

Hogwarts Legacy adds more combat challenges as you pick up more spells, and at some point, it kind of hits critical mass. One such challenge is “flip a Troll’s club,” which is incredibly vague. Here’s how to do it and how to complete the similarly cryptic “hit a Troll with its own boulder” challenge.

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How do you flip a Troll’s club in Hogwarts Legacy?

To flip a Troll’s club, you must use the quite literal Flipendo spell. You’ll acquire Flipendo through Professor Garlick’s second assignment after you complete the initial tutorial for the herbology class in the main story. There are, however, timing considerations.

Battling a Troll in Hogwarts Legacy
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To actually get the club to flip into the Troll’s face, you’ll need to wait until it slams its club on the ground. Dodge (instead of using Protego), and cast Flipendo when the club is on the ground. It’ll “flip” back up and smack the Troll in its face. Challenge completed!

After you’ve acquainted yourself with the timing, it’s a helpful way to take down Trolls quickly for resources.

Troll battle in Hogwarts Legacy
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How to hit a Troll with its own boulder

The other Troll-centric challenge doesn’t need a spell at all. Instead, you’ll be throwing a boulder (an object the Troll creates itself) with the Ancient Magic Throw when the timing is right. Run far away from the Troll to coax out its boulder attack. Then, when it raises the boulder (which the game will telegraph as a Protego block), you’ll need to throw it back at them like you would any barrel or crate.

Hitting a Troll with its own boulder in Hogwarts Legacy
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To ensure you have time to actually pick the boulder up before it hits the ground and becomes non-interactable, just tap the Triangle (Y on Xbox, Q for PC, and X for Nintendo Switch) button to cast a short Protego block.

Where to find Trolls in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can find Trolls at Troll Lairs and the Battle Arena. Battle Arena frequently showcases Troll battles, which can be found in the North Hogwarts Region, North Ford Bog, and Feldcroft Region. I found this creature just after starting the first round in the Feldcroft Region Battle Arena:

Troll location at Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena
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Troll Lair locations

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of fighting enemy waves, travel to Troll Lairs. They’ll be marked with a cave-like symbol in the following areas:

  • Feldcroft Region
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Manor Cape
  • Poidsear Coast

Not all symbols will feature a Troll since Mongrel and Inferi share the same icons. So, make sure it is labeled as “Troll Lair.” You can use what you’ve learned with the Troll’s club and boulder to eliminate them instantly.

Troll Lair locations in Hogwarts Legacy
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Where to find Troll Bogeys

Troll Bogeys are a mucus substance used in the Invisibility Potion recipe. You can get them by killing Trolls or buying them from J Pippin’s Potions. You’ll likely acquire a ton of them during the challenges mentioned above. However, the shop in Hogsmeade can provide them instantly for 100 gold each.

Purchasing Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy
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The Invisibility Potion requires Troll Bogeys, Leaping Toadstool Caps, and Knotgrass Sprig. While the Leaping Toadstool Caps can be found in forested areas, the Knotgrass Sprig seeds can be purchased at The Magic Neep for 350 gold. With all the ingredients collected, go to the Room of Requirement and start brewing the Invisibility Potion at the Potions Station.

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