How to make Serpent Stew in Valheim

Kill a sea monster and eat like a champ.

The survival sandbox game Valheim¬†has no shortage of quests and recipes to learn, but figuring out how to make Serpent Stew can be a real asset. Along with Meat Platter and Honey Glazed Chicken, the stew has some of the highest health and stamina benefits in-game so far. The best food is the Misthare Supreme but only by five points. Serpent Stew gives you a max health of 80 and max stamina of 26, and it lasts for several minutes. This hearty stew is good to take with you on your journeys, so here’s what you need and how to make it.

Where to find the ingredients

The recipe for Serpent Stew is one cooked sea serpent meat, one red mushroom, and two honey.

You will have to go foraging for the red mushrooms in either the Meadows, Swamp, or Black Forest biomes. Unfortunately, you can’t farm this type of mushroom, but they do respawn later. As for the two honey, the best way to keep a steady supply going is to make a beehive. While roaming the Meadows or Swamp for the mushrooms, keep an eye out for beehives in abandoned buildings. By shooting them down, you may catch the Queen Bee as a prize. With the lovely Queen in hand, you will be able to craft your own beehive for all the honey you will need for Serpent Stew as well as mead!

For the serpent meat, you will have to be ready to take on a sea monster. Head out into the Ocean biome with your strongest boat while wearing your strongest armor. Once you stumble upon a sea serpent, try to lure it closer to land. The meat will float once you kill it, but other useful items like its scales will sink. Using your strongest bow and arrow combo, you will just have to battle it out to earn your prize. You may have to hunt around for a bit to find them, but don’t waste your time until you are ready for a decent fight.

How to do the cooking part

Cook the sea serpent meat over an Iron Cooking Station. This takes a little longer than you might expect, so some patience is required. Once it is cooked, it will pop up and change position over the fire. Be ready because it can actually burn if you walk away trying to multitask. After you have this cooked serpent meat, the recipe for Serpent Stew will be unlocked. Then in a Cauldron with at least one upgrade, craft the stew in a matter of seconds. The upgrade can be as simple as a Spice Rack, so don’t worry about that too much. You can carry up to 10 serpent stews at a time, so it may be worth your while to gather extra ingredients. You can make a few stews rather quickly if you have all of the ingredients ahead of time.

Valheim may have entered its early release stage in 2021, but now fans are eating well. The Viking sandbox game is available on PC Game Pass, so it’s the perfect time to pick the game back up or try it for the first time.

Sam Arthurs
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