How to lay siege to Dragonbane Keep in WoW Dragonflight

A completion guide

World of Warcraft typically has some sort of endgame activity, and in Dragonflight, that includes sieging Dragonbane Keep. Here’s how to pick up the quest, where to find it, and how to finish it.

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Unlock the ability to siege Dragonbane Keep

Dragonbane Keep is located in the southwest corner of The Waking Shores: and it serves as a point of attack for your allied forces in the Dragonflight expansion. To participate/get any credit from the actual siege, you’ll need to get to renown level five in the Valdrakken Accord faction. This is very easy to do during the course of the main story. Once this happens, a quest for Dragonbane Keep will pop up in your quest log. This is your cue that you’re good to go from here on out.

As anticlimactic as it is, you’ll be able to raid Dragonbane Keep every two hours. When the event kicks off, messages will be flying throughout the The Waking Shores, and group finder groups will be available. You can join a full raid for this event and get credit.

Start the raid in the Apex Canopy

You’ll start the siege at the Apex Canopy in The Waking Shores, at coordinates 28, 82. Once the siege is ready to begin, the cart at that location will march forward, and the first phase will trigger.

If you need further directions to the Apex Canopy, we have a quick guide here. You might even get an achievement for heading there!

Make your way to the entrance of Dragonbane Keep

With that, Stage 1 of the siege (Dragon Wagon) will begin. With the ability to optionally feed “Beef” (the giant frog-like thing pulling the wagon) snacks, push forward with the wagon and help the siege party reach the camp.

This part is the easiest of them all, as you just need to follow the wagon with your group until you get to the top of the hill.

Fight to the center and finish the siege

After reaching Dragonbane Keep, there’s several steps you need to follow/contribute to, as you make your way to the finish line:

  • Stage 2 – Home on the Battlefield – Clear out the entrance and establish a base camp – Fan out and move toward the yellow icons, while taking out mobs. Stay packed in a group so you won’t get overwhelmed by the elite enemies.
  • Stage 3 – The Big Push – Slay Scalepiercer, Wyrmeater, and Djaradin forces – Like many bonus objectives, all you need to do is take out random enemies (for quest clear percentage), and the two named NPCs (they’re marked with dots on the minimap)
  • Stage 4 – Fighting Fire With Fire – Go straight into the keep itself in the picture above, and take out the NPC Grand Flame
  • Stage 5/The Final Stage – Controlled Burn – This is it! Go into the building, then hang left or right (the staircases both spiral to the same place), and defeat Inferna the Bound. You’re done!

Get your loot from the “Boss” NPC

After you’re done, head back up the stairs and walk outside. The NPC (Boss) will be waiting for you, and you can turn in/complete the quest. Weekly clears (limit one) will provide you with a Dragonbane Keep Strongbox item, which you can open for all sorts of goodies.

Loot potential includes gold, Dragon Isles Supply Caches, Dragon Isles Artifacts, Valkdrakken Accord Commendations (renown), and scaled iLevel gear.

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