Where is the elusive Apex Canopy in WoW Dragonflight?

It’s the last achievement location I found, out of all four regions

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For the most part, World of Warcraft‘s exploration-based achievements are straight forward. Throughout the course of a campaign you’ll come across all of the key locations anyway, and most of them will pop. For the rest, all you really need to do is fly/travel into the fog of war on the map, and you’re good. But one (Apex Canopy) in WoW Dragonflight really stumped me, and it took forever to find! Here’s how to just get it done.

Screenshot by Destructoid

You’ll find the Apex Canopy in the southwest region of The Waking Shores

Located at coordinates 29, 79, the Apex Canopy is a wide open area in the southwest portion of The Waking Shores. As soon as you enter the area in the header image, you’ll pop the Apex Canopy portion of the achievement. As a reminder, you’ll need the Apex Canopy to complete the “Explore the Waking Shores” achievement. The exact location of the Apex Canopy can be found in the image directly above.

As a reminder, you’ll be able to fly as soon as you learn the dragonriding skill just a few hours (or less) into the expansion. You may want to just head over here and grab the flightpath, just to get it done!

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