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How to increase inventory space in Fae Farm

Solve your inventory problem with this guide.

When you start your journey in Fae Farm, you are equipped with a basic backpack that provides a storage space of 16 inventory slots. This initial inventory space allows you to gather a decent amount of items, but as you progress and explore more areas of the farm, you’ll need more space to accommodate your growing collection. Here’s how you can increase your inventory space in Fae Farm.

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How to increase inventory space in Fae Farm

To increase your inventory space, you’ll need to visit Skye’s Shop, located in the Town Center of Azoria. Skye is a friendly shop owner who offers a range of useful items, including Inventory Upgrades.

Once you’ve found Skye, interact with her and select the “Open Shop” option. This will allow you to browse through her inventory and locate the Inventory Upgrades. There are three upgrades available, each offering additional slots for your backpack. Let’s take a closer look at each upgrade and its cost:

  • Inventory Upgrade 1: Cost: 500 Florins: This upgrade grants you an additional 8 inventory slots, bringing your total to 24.
  • Inventory Upgrade 2: Cost: 2,500 Florins: This upgrade further expands your backpack by 8 slots, totaling 32 inventory slots.
  • Inventory Upgrade 3: Cost: 8,000 Florins: The final upgrade unlocks the remaining 8 slots, reaching a maximum inventory capacity of 40 slots.

To purchase Inventory Upgrades in Fae Farm, you need to accumulate enough Gold Florins, the in-game currency. While the initial upgrades may appear expensive, there are several efficient ways to quickly earn Florins. One of the best methods is selling items you don’t need, like Copper Ore, Coal, and more.

How to manage your inventory in Fae Farm

Once you’ve successfully upgraded your inventory, you’ll have more space to carry a wider variety of items. This expanded inventory capacity comes in handy as you uncover new resources and explore different parts of the island. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the most out of your newfound space.

Organize Your Inventory

Keep your inventory organized by categorizing items. Create separate sections for crops, bugs, fish, and resources, making it easier to locate specific items when needed.

Prioritize Valuable Items

If your inventory is full and you stumble upon a valuable item, consider making room for it by either using or selling less important items. Valuable resources can be crucial for crafting, upgrading, and progressing in the game.

Utilize the Storage Shed

Remember that your farm comes equipped with a storage shed that has unlimited storage capacity. If your inventory is full and you don’t want to part with any items just yet, store them in the shed for safekeeping.

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