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How to upgrade tools in Fae Farm

A comprehensive guide on how to upgrade your tools in Fae farm

As you embark on your journey in Fae Farm, you’ll quickly realize that having the right tools is essential for your survival and success. These tools enable you to farm, fish, cut wood, catch critters, mow grass, and even battle jumbles, whether alone or with friends. Without them, your only means of survival would be foraging, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. Here’s how you can upgrade your tolls in Fae Farm.

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Where to upgrade tools in Fae Farm

In order to upgrade your tools in Fae Farm, you’ll need to visit Cinder’s shop, the Blacksmith. Located below the Town Center near the Docks, Cinder is the master of her craft and possesses the skills to enhance your tools. However, not all tools can be upgraded by Cinder alone. For Fishing Rod upgrades, you’ll need to seek out Eddy at his place near Stay-A-While Bay, while Mel in the West Town area specializes in upgrading the Critter Net.

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How to upgrade tools in Fae Farm

Upgrading your tools in Fae Farm not only unlocks access to more materials but also reduces the animation time for mining or clearing away trees. With each upgrade, your tools become more efficient, allowing you to gather larger quantities of materials and saving both time and energy in the process.

Let’s take a closer look at the upgrades available for each tool: 


  • Copper Upgrade: Digs mulch.
  • Iron Upgrade: Digs shade jelly.
  • Feyrite Upgrade: Dig multiple piles at once.


  • Copper Upgrade: Chops oak wood.
  • Iron Upgrade: Chops flutterwood. Fling the axe at a short distance (costs Mana).
  • Feyrite Upgrade: Chops sporewood.


  • Copper Upgrade: Breaks stone, coal, copper, citrine, and peridot.
  • Iron Upgrade: Breaks iron, aquamarine, and topaz, allowing access to more valuable resources.
  • Feyrite Upgrade: Shatters feyrite, amethyst, and rose quartz, revealing precious gems for crafting and trading.


  • Copper Upgrade: Cuts sugarcane.
  • Iron Upgrade: Cuts sporeweed.

Watering Can

  • Copper Upgrade: Holds more water.
  • Iron Upgrade: Enables watering a small area at once.
  • Feyrite Upgrade: Holds even more water.


  • Sturdy Critter Net
    • 1,000 Gold Florin
    • Critter Catching level 3 
    • Critter Net
  • Advanced Critter Net
    • 2,500 Gold Florin 
    • Sturdy Critter Catching level 5
    • Sturdy Critter Net
  • Master Critter Net
    • 5,000 Gold Florin
    • Critter Catching level 7
    • Advanced Critter Net


  • Sturdy Rod
    • 1,000 Gold Florin
    • Fishing level 3
    • Basic Rod
  • Advanced Rod  
    • 2,500 Gold Florin
    • Fishing level 5
    • Sturdy Rod
  • Master Rod 
    • 5,000 Gold Florin
    • Fishing level 7
    • Advanced Rod
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Where to find Ore in Fae Farm

The Saltwater Mines are the primary location for mining, and Cleo will grant you access to them around day 6 of your playthrough. To unlock the mines, you must complete a few tutorial missions for Eddy, learning how to fish and care for animals on your homestead.

Once you have the key to the mines, head southeast on the map and break open rock clusters with your trusty pickaxe. As you progress, you’ll encounter enemies and uncover switches. Walking over these switches will open doors, leading you to deeper levels of the mine.

Different types of ore and materials can be found as you delve deeper into the mines. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Silt
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Rough Citrine
  • Rough Peridot
  • Rough Topaz

To keep track of your progress and the availability of resources on different floors, be sure to place a Seal at the entrance of each cleared floor. Access your Dungeon Tracker via the main menu to view resource distribution and plan your mining expeditions accordingly.

Remember, you can only explore up to the 15th floor of the mine until you complete the Magical Tool Hacks quest for Cleo. This quest involves upgrading your pickaxe to an iron pickaxe and utilizing its special magical ability by holding the F key to charge it up.

Crafting Mining Seals

The mines in Fae Farm reset each day, causing you to lose progress and start from floor one again. However, with the use of Seals, you can chart your progress and conveniently transport yourself to your last cleared floor.

To craft Seals, you’ll need to create a Seal Crafting Station. This station requires 20 Stone and 10 Copper Ore, which can be obtained from the first few mining levels. Once you have the Seal Crafting Station, you can begin crafting various types of Seals. Different floors of the mine require specific types of Seals, so it’s crucial to plan ahead and prepare accordingly. 

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