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Fae Farm Gift Guide – Best gift for each character

Enhance your romance with these gifts.

In Fae Farm, the art of cultivating both relationships and crops is equally important. Building connections with other characters and selecting the perfect romantic partner are essential elements of life on the farm. The key to deepening these connections lies in gift-giving, which serves as a vital catalyst in nurturing relationships with specific villagers. 

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If you desire to uncover the secrets of love in Fae Farm and discover the ideal gift for your beloved characters, read on.

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Best Gifts for Each Character in Fae Farm

Building a relationship starts with giving gifts. Each NPC in Fae Farm has specific preferences, and knowing their favorite gift can greatly increase your chances of winning them over. While they may drop hints about their desired gift of the day, it’s a good idea to keep a stock of their favorite items. This way, you’ll always be prepared to make a good impression.

Here’s a list of the best gifts for each character in Fae Farm:


  • Best Gift: Rainbow Frog
  • Other Liked Gifts: Blob Gobs, Bug Juice, Frog Sweat, Flutter Dust, Common Toad.


  • Best Gift: Brown Snail
  • Other Liked Gifts: Salad, Fruit Pies Fruit, Beech Lumber, Chopped Fruit.


  • Best Gift: Candy Corn
  • Other Liked Gifts: Baked Mac and Cheese, Scrambled Eggs with Fruit Salsa, Crystal Pepper, Deep-sea Delight.


  • Best Gift: Copper Ingot
  • Other Liked Gifts: Polished Rose Quartz, Polished Sapphire, Polished Emerald.


  • Best Gift: Berry Jam
  • Other Liked Gifts: Flour, Mushroom Jerky, Nut Butter, Fish Jerky


  • Best Gift: Black Trillium
  • Other Liked Gifts: Fae Fairy, Fae Shadow, Black Lily, Black Tulip, Black Zinnia, Gloom Shade

Gifting in Fae Farm

Gifting in Fae Farm is a special way to express your romantic interest. While daily conversation with non-playable characters can foster friendships, it is only the characters available for romance can receive gifts. Here’s how you can gift them:

  • Interact with the NPC you want to romance.
  • Select the ‘Give Gift‘ option.
  • Give them their favorite or preferred item.

That’s how you can give gifts to your favorite character and enhance your bond with them. Keep in mind that you can only gift one item per day.

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