How to get to Cutie Town in High on Life

How to get to Cutie Town in High on Life

It’s an optional diversion that’s linked to an achievement

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High on Life has a lot of out-of-the-way locations, and Cutie Town is one of them. To get there, you’ll need to use the Cutie Town warp disc, which literally “warps in” the little town as a side activity.

Here’s how to actually do it.

How to get the Cutie Town warp disc

The Cutie Town warp disc can be picked up directly from Blorto’s shop, right near your house in Blim City. After you’ve acquired it, head to the Upper Valley of Zephyr Paradise, then look up at the cliffside to see a warp portal.

Head there, and press LB (interact) to open up the warp disc menu: select Cutie Town. For a more comprehensive guide on how to acquire warp crystals to buy warp discs, check out this page. We also have a guide on farming warp crystals.

What is Cutie Town in High on Life?

Cutie Town is a side area in High on Life that can be completely skipped: but also houses a few hidden jokes. You can interact with it (or sidestep it) in any way you wish, but if you destroy it, you can trigger part of the achievement that requires players to play with each warp disc (“Seeing all the Sights”).

Note that this achievement is a bit bugged, so you may need to destroy all of Cutie Town and complete the entire sequence (including killing the NPC floating around), or repeat the process multiple times to get this part of Seeing all the Sights to trigger. Remember, you can warp in locations with warp discs multiple times if needed.

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