How to get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Any data port in a storm

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now, and with it comes the arrival of a brand-new catalyst for one of the pre-order bonuses, the Quicksilver Storm auto rifle. There are several steps to complete before the catalyst is available, but once you’ve found the Any Data Port In A Storm quest, completing it is fairly straightforward.

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The catalyst comes with a Strand twist in the new expansion, despite Guardians having access to the weapon itself in The Witch Queen if they pre-ordered Lightfall. The catalyst is now available to everyone with the weapon. If you’ve not yet picked it up, head to the Tower and speak with Rahool in the Courtyard to collect it. His inventory will also have some more goodies tied to Lightfall and the annual pass including an emote, ghost shell, and emblem.

How to get the Quicksilver Storm catalyst

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The “Any Data Port In A Storm” catalyst quest can be picked up from the Holoprojector near Strider’s Gate in Neomuna. The quest has three steps, the first of which is to “gain data to support the nanite calibration” by defeating enemies in Neomuna with auto rifles, grenades, and grenade launchers. To progress this step quickly, defeating enemies quickly with grenade launchers is the way to go. When this step has been completed, the quest will then ask Guardians to visit Banshee-44 in the Tower to see what he has to say about Quicksilver Storm’s progress.

Combatants detonated

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The third and final step in the quest will task Guardians with defeating enemies in Neomuna with the grenade launcher alternate fire mode of Quicksilver Storm. When using the weapon normally, you’ll notice a buff in the left-hand corner which should soon say “Grenades Stored x3”. Hold down your reload button to switch to the alternate fire mode, and then launch the weapon’s stored grenades. You’ll know if you’ve done this correctly as the text will change to “Grenades Loaded”. Fire to unleash these upon enemies. 50 combatants need to be detonated to complete the quest step.

When this is done, the catalyst will be awarded. It’s not quite complete though. As with any catalyst in Destiny 2, you’ll need to use the weapon to kill enemies and complete the catalyst progress before it can be slotted into the weapon. For Quicksilver Storm, this is 700 enemies.

What does the Quicksilver Storm catalyst do?

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As the new Darkness subclass, Strand, is finally in Destiny 2: Lightfall, the Quicksilver Storm will soon have additional capabilities. The Nano-entanglement perk means that any final blows with grenades from Quicksilver Storm will create Tangles. Destroying Tangles will spawn Threadlings that attack nearby enemies, or they can be picked up and thrown at enemies for additional damage. Not only that, the catalyst changes the weapon’s damage type to Strand, which is excellent for quickly dealing with those green-shielded yellow bar foes that litter activities throughout Neomuna.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It’s the penultimate expansion in the Light and Dark saga.

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