The new Destiny 2 exotics coming with Lightfall look like fun

Maybe this’ll reinvigorate the game for a lot of people

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Exotic (unique) weapons in the Destiny series have always been a way to add more flavor into the game: and that’s especially the case with marquee expansion-centric exotics. Bungie just showed off seven more that are arriving in the mix with the Lightfall expansion, and things look promising so far: especially from an aesthetic perspective.

Here are the exotics shown off in the newest Destiny 2: Lightfall trailer, as well as how they work:

  • Final Warning (Charged tracking rounds)
  • Deterministic Chaos (Rhythmic debuffs)
  • Cyrtarachne’s Facade (Grappple gives woven mail)
  • Abeyant Leap (Barricade spawns additional lashes)
  • Quicksilver Storm (Grenades create tangles on kills)
  • Swarmers (Destroying tangles spawns threadlings)
  • Winterbite (Freeze enemies with frost orb)

Expect more exotics to show up as the seasons progress, as well as raid-specific gear that will be kept secret until the raid itself hits.

Keep moving forward

Looking back on the last few years of Destiny, it’s been a wild ride. One of the most off-the-rails tracks was definitely Destiny‘s foray into the Stadia realm (with hiccups): followed by its recent crash. I know some of the playerbase has been worn out by the last few expansions, but the vibrant neon hues of Lightfall could go a long way in terms of bringing me back.

We’ll see how it turns out on February 28!

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