How to get the Loporrit Ear Emote in FFXIV

FFXIV Loporrits bunny ear emotes

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Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 dropped several pieces of content to tie players over until the next major story release. As part of this new update, the long-awaited bunny tribe finally arrived. This comes along with the new FFXIV Loporrit ear emote that is rather tough to unlock.

FFXIV Loporrit ear emote, explained

The FFXIV Loporrit ear emote is known as the Ear Wiggle emote. This particular new emote is tied directly to the new Loporrits tribe quests in the patch 6.3 series. If players want to unlock this fantastical set of bunny ears, you’re going to need to progress through this new tribe.

How the Ear Wiggle emote works is that it causes the player character to appear like they have two white bunny ears on their head. These are the exact same ears as the ones that the Loporrits have.

The emote itself kicks in after they appear, seeing the character wiggle their ears around and do a little jig. It is an adorable emote that is modeled directly after some of the animations that the bunny moon-dwellers are seen doing in the main story.

Unfortunately, unlocking this new emote is much easier said than done. Players need to complete the entire Loporrits tribe and then finish its final quest to do so.

How to get the Loporrit Ear Wiggle emote

While some tribe quests offer emotes as rewards through its shop, that isn’t the case for the FFXIV Loporrit Ear Wiggle emote. Players can’t get this by only spending a few tribe coins at the exclusive shop. In fact, you can’t even buy this item at all.

Instead, the only way to get it is to max out your reputation with the Loporrits tribe. This requires the player to reach rank eight, otherwise known as Bloodsworn. If you’ve completed any of the other tribes in the past, you’ll know how tough this process can be.

Reaching Bloodsworn rank with the Loporrits tribe requires the player to obtain a total of 1730 tribe points. In general, this means that it will take a total of 31 days of logging in and completing the daily quests that are available to you.

Players can only do three of the daily Loporrits tribe quests, which resets every morning. The only exception are days when players rank up to the next rank, which allows them to do an additional three quests that day for a total of six, which can reduce the time by a few days at best.

Even then, if you work as efficiently as possible, it will still take roughly a full month of grinding these Loporrits Disciple of the Hand tribe quests to reach rank eight after unlocking. And even when you get here, the job isn’t done. Players then need to complete the final tribe quest, “Dreams Come True.”

You can get this quest at the Bloodsworn rank by speaking with Dreamingway at Mare Lamentorum (X:17.6, Y:16.2). Completing this quest will automatically grant players the FFXIV Ear Wiggle emote as one of its rewards.

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