How to get Silver Kelp in Coral Island

Dive deeper down.

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Getting kelp, extracting its delicious juices, and then taking them to the lab is a great way to buff up your crops. So how do you get Silver Kelp in Coral Island.

You can find Silver Kelp in the same place you find all varieties of kelp: At the bottom of the ocean. However, when you start out, you won’t see any. You’ll need to proceed, which means finding solar orbs and helping their magic clear out those oily vines. As you proceed, you’ll find yourself going deeper and deeper beneath the surface. To reach Gold Kelp, you’ll need to go down about 20m, at which point it will start appearing. To get Gold Kelp, you’ll need to go even deeper.

Whenever you find kelp, you can collect it by hitting it with your scythe. Each node is guaranteed to drop at least one unit of kelp, while sometimes, they’ll drop a small handful.

There is one other way to find Silver Kelp. You just have to be lucky enough to find coffers and then find the kelp inside. You can also use the Slime of Transmutation farm equipment to exchange three Bronze Kelp to get a single Silver Kelp. However, if you want a more reliable source, you’re going to need to dive deep.

Coral Island is available now for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. It will be coming to Switch at a later date.

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