How to get Light Dragon Scales in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Blinded by the light

Tracking down every material Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer can take a long time. It’s a little more complicated in this follow-up than it was in Breath of the Wild, mainly due to the fact that you have the sky islands and the depths in play: both of which have their own unique sets of materials. But Light Dragon Scales come from one easily identifiable source: the Light Dragon. Here’s where to find it.

How to find the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom

Up in the air patrolling in the skies of Hyrule (the rough path is located on the map above) , you’ll find the Light Dragon. To locate it, head to your closest Skyview Tower and shoot up into the sky: do a full 360 scan for the Light Dragon (pictured above) and glide toward it. If you can’t spot it, head to a tower in another corner of the map and look for it again. All you need to do is get close, as the dragon is so large that it creates wind currents, which can help lift you up to get on its back.

We don’t recommend farming Light Dragon materials until later in the game. Not only will a critical path story point direct you toward the Light Dragon by default: but reagents like the Light Dragon Scales aren’t crucial items until late-game after you’ve gotten your bearings. Also, more stamina makes it easier to make your way to the dragon (as does glide armor and Tulin’s Vow).

How to harvest Light Dragon Scales

Once you’re on the dragon’s back, walk up to one of its turquoise scales poking out of its back and hit it with a melee weapon. A single Light Dragon Scale will pop out. Grab it and be on your way!

In our experience it takes roughly 12 minutes to farm another Light Dragon Scale, so keep that in mind; you can go off and do other things, then come back to keep grabbing them.

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