How to get the glide armor (wingsuit) in Tears of the Kingdom

There are three spots in the sky you need to visit

Zelda: Tear of the Kingdom continues to surprise me.

While Breath of the Wild had some really interesting armor pieces (like the climbing gear, which returns in the sequel): Tears of the Kingdom, like most of its game systems, “plusses things up” a bit. Take the glide armor for instance, which doubles as a wingsuit! Here’s how to get all three pieces and fly through the sky.

What does the glide armor (wingsuit) do in Tears of the Kingdom?

The main purpose of the glide armor in-game is to “increase the wearer’s ability to glide while they plummet from the sky.”

In short, while you’re falling to the ground, you have increased mobility in the air. The good news is that none of that maneuvering costs stamina, since you’re not technically paragliding. Wearing the full suit provides the full skydive mobility bonus: which is perfect for exploring the odds and ends of the game and completing its 100+ sidequests.

How to get the glide mask in the skies of eastern Hyrule (Valor Island)

The glide mask can be located on an island in eastern Hyrule, far in the sky.

Shoot out of the Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower and veer northeast until you reach it: you can either interact with a Zonai podium at the top to kick off the practice/intro skydive minigame, or you can land at the bottom of the island and speak to the Steward Construct NPC (pictured). Either way, you’ll be given a quick rundown of the “diving ceremony,” which tasks Link with falling through the sky into green rings: not unlike other Nintendo classics such as Pilotwings.

Once you finish the practice run you’ll need to actually finish it with a clear time: which is easy if you just alternate throttling the “dive” (R) button and floating normally. Try not to use the paraglider at all here: if you need to “brake,” just lay off of the R button and move into position. Complete the challenge and you’ll get the glide mask.

Funnily enough, completing the diving ceremonies will be easier once you have at least one piece of the glide armor. Note the almost Star Wars spaceship-like aesthetic of the island: this is key to identifying the other two skydiving challenges that will yield the other two pieces of the suit.

How to get the glide shirt in the skies of western Hyrule (Courage Island)

The glide shirt piece is found on a similar-looking island west of Central Hyrule. None of the three runs are particularly different, nor do they present any extra hazards as you progress.

Use the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and glide slightly southwest. Follow the same pattern of completing the practice run and the subsequent timed run. You’ll get the glide shirt this time.

How to get the glide tights in the skies of northern Hyrule (Bravery Island)

For this piece of armor, you’ll want to head to the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower and glide south into the island pictured on the map above.

Complete both runs of the diving ceremony and you’ll get the glide tights as a reward!

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