How to get Glaceon & Leafeon in Pokémon GO

There can never be too many Eeveelutions.

Eevee is hands down one of the cutest Pokémon of all time. When the fox-like creature first made an appearance, it had three “Eeveelutions.” It could become the Water-type Vaporeon, the Electric-type Jolteon, or the Fire-type Flameon. Each one toed the line between super cool and adorable. And then there were more! There are now eight different Pokémon that you can evolve your Eevee into, including the Grass-type Leafeon and Ice-type Glaceon. Now you can add these two to your Pokédex in Pokémon GO. 

First, you need to catch several Eevees. If you have a bunch of the Normal-type base Pokémon ready, that also means that you will have enough candy to evolve them when you need to. That aside, there are two ways to evolve your Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon.

#1 Name Trick

Image via Official Pokédex

The so-called Name Trick is a one-off way to get these evolutions. By choosing the Eevee in your inventory that you want to evolve, you can edit its name. To get Leafeon, you would type the name Linnea. To get Glaceon, you type the name Rea. These names refer to two Trainers in the Pokémon franchise. This trick only works one time each, so it isn’t possible to get multiple Leafeons and Glaceons this way.

#2 Lure Modules

Image via Official Pokédex

The best way to get your adorable new teammates is to utilize Lure Modules. There are three available in the Shop for you to purchase for 200 PokéCoins each. When you activate them at a PokéStop, they lure certain types of Pokémon to come to you. The Glacial Lure Module will cause Water and Ice-type Pokémon to spawn around the PokéStop. The Mossy Lure Module will bring Bug, Grass, and Poison-type to the area, and the Magnetic Lure Module attracts Electric, Steel, and Stone-types.

Purchase whichever you think you will need and then head to a PokéStop near you. Activate the Lure Module and suddenly you will notice more Pokémon spawning around you. Catch whatever you want! There will not be a prompt that reminds you to evolve your Eevee since these items aren’t just for them. But while the Lure Module is activated, go into your inventory and select the Eevee you want to evolve.

The Glacial Lure Module will allow you to evolve Eevee into Glaceon, and the Mossy Lure Module will let you evolve Eevee into Leafeon. Unlike the name trick, you can do this for as many Eevees as you have candy to evolve. If you’re lucky, you may not even have to buy the Lures. Once a PokéStop has been activated with a Lure Module, anyone in the area can take advantage of it. If you’re feeling generous, gather your friends in Pokémon GO and you can all benefit from the spawning Pokémon and eeveelutions.

Now you have two more to add to your collection. For another Pokémon GO collection challenge, here’s how to change Furfrou’s trim and collect its many looks from around the world.

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