How many friends can you have in Pokémon GO?

Their friends and our friends are not friends

Pokemon GO is best enjoyed with friends. Friends make it easier to take on powerful raids, and you can also send and receive gifts daily gifts. That said, keep in mind that you can only open a maximum of 20 gifts per day.

Those of you with huge social group might be curious to know if there is a friend maximum in Pokemon GO. Alternatively, you might be wondering if you should limit yourself if you are trading friend codes online. While casual players shouldn’t worry about this, there are limits to keep in mind before populating your friends list.

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What is the friend limit in Pokemon GO?

The maximum number of friends you can have in Pokemon GO is 400. This is a sharp increase from the initial limit of 200 friends from the game’s launch, but there’s one caveat here: this is shared across all Niantic games.

As of writing, this extends to Pikmin Bloom and Ingress Prime. While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was once included in this count, this has since been discontinued. If you play these games alongside Pokemon GO with your friends, this will save you a lot of hassle. However, if you have different groups of friends who play both games, you may need to make some cuts. In other words, if your Pokemon GO account is capping out before you hit 400 friends, try to recall any other Niantic games you might have played. If you need a shortcut, click here to access your Niantic Profile.

If you are trading friend codes online and play multiple games, try to populate your friends list with players who are into both titles. That said, you shouldn’t worry too much if the only Niantic game you play is Pokemon GO. Niantic does have several upcoming games they are adding to their roster, such as Peridot and MARVEL World of Heroes. If these titles catch your eye, then this friend limit will rear its head at you once more.

As far as Pokemon GO is concerned, if you are reaching the upper limits of your friends list, try to remove any friends who have not been online for more than 2 days. You can always add them back if they are active again as long as they know it’s not personal. Friends who have not been active in the game for over 90 days are eligible for referral rewards.

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