How to change Furfrou forms and Trims in Pokémon Go

Because who doesn’t want a fierce fashion icon on the team? Or on the bench anyway.

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The idea of giving Furfou multiple makeovers fills me with delight. Much like its poodle counterpart, this fiercely fashionable dog Pokémon can go from shab to chic with a metaphorical trip to the groomer in Pokémon GO. The cost of looking good is steep for Furfrou too, but if you’re like me, the idea of collecting all of these different looks is worth it. Forgoing any practicality in battling, here’s how you too can change up your furry friend’s appearance in Pokémon GO.

Furfrou can be caught in the wild or during events like Community Day or Spotlight Hour and have a shaggy Natural fur. Its move called Fur Coat halves the damage from physical moves, so it isn’t just for looks. However, the different styles, also known as trims, are purely cosmetic. Fun fact: in the real world, different poodle hairstyles are also called trims. I like knowing these things.

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There are currently ten different trims for Furfrou, but they aren’t all available wherever and whenever. Players have access to the Matron trim and Dandy trim anytime and anywhere in the world. For many of the other trims though, you have to be in a certain country or region in order to unlock it. I love this detail because it almost adds another layer of unexpected but appreciated romance to this venture.

Catch multiple Furfrous, and then if or when you travel to France, for example, you can get the La Reine trim. Or if you go to Japan, you can get the Kabuki trim. But if you’re in North or South America, you can also unlock the exceptionally Southern Debutaunte trim. In 2022, there was a Heart trim only available on Valentine’s day. Maybe that trim will make another appearance this year.

What’s the cost?

Fashion isn’t free when you are as classy as Furfrou. In order to unlock any of the alternate forms, you will need 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust. Then you can head to Furfrou’s details page to click “Change Form.” Pick your trim and voilà! You have a whole new dog! I mean Pokémon.

Surely, chasing down the different trims will not be your main objective in the game, but I love the idea of having a sort of Passport of Furfrous. Maybe the poodle Pokémon will be boosted in another event soon. Speaking of which, the next Community Day event will feature Noibat on February 5, 2023.

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