How to get Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

They’re a common stone, so don’t worry

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In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, some stones are rarer than others: not Fire Stones though! Here’s how to easily get a steady flow of Fire Stones.

What do Fire Stones do in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Fire Stones are once again used for evolving Pokemon. All you need to do is have someone who can evolve via a Fire Stone, select the item from your bag, and select that Pokemon.

Here’s a full list of the Fire Stone evolutionary tracks for the Paldea Pokedex:

  • Capsakid -> Scovillain
  • Growlithe -> Arcanine
  • Eevee -> Flareon

Find them in the overworld

Fire Stones can be randomly located via East Province (Area Three) sparkles on the ground. This isn’t a reliable method, but it’s an option if you’re broke.

You can also locate a fixed spawn Fire Stone due south of Levincia in East Province (Area Two). The exact location can be found in the gallery above.

Your Pokedex will give you one for free once you’ve caught 60 Pokemon

After catching 60 Pokemon and recording them in your Pokedex, go to the Pokedex menu (X) and earn it from the reward track.

You can find the full breakdown of the Pokedex reward system here.

You can get them from the auction house in Porto Marinada

The Porto Marinada auction house has a large pool of items that can show up on a rotating daily basis: and that includes Fire Stones.

If you want to check in daily for fun the auction house is an option, but like randomly farming sparkles, it isn’t recommended.

Buying them directly at a Delibird Presents shop is the quickest way

Unlocked by defeating three gyms, Fire Stones can be purchased at Delibird Presents shops across Paldea. They only cost 3,000 Pokedollars, so it isn’t even something that you’ll need to break the bank for. Locate them through the general goods section.

We have a full Delibird Presents guide here for reference, including all shop locations.

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