How to get Dragon Shard of Knowledge in WoW Dragonflight

It’s another questline-gated reagent

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Another reagent? In WoW Dragonflight? Well I’d never! Dragon Shards of Knowledge are yet another thing you’ll have to mentally juggle: so let’s break everything down. Here’s how you find Dragon Shards of Knowledge, and what to do with them.

What do Dragon Shards of Knowledge do in WoW Dragonflight?

Dragon Shards of Knowledge can be turned in to a specific NPC to upgrade/increase your gathering profession knowledge (skill). These only matter if you’re partaking in crafting and/or gathering professions in Dragonflight.

To actually use them/turn them in, you’ll want to give them to Khadin in Ohn’ahran Plains: at coordinates 52, 33.5 in that same zone. The game will provide a prompt for which profession you want to apply it to: it won’t do so automatically.

First, when you’re level 68, start the A Gift for Miguel/Wonders of the World questline in the Ruby Lifeshrine

To kick everything off, speak to the NPC Miguel Bright in the Ruby Lifeshrine (one of the first major areas you come across during the expansion). They’ll immediately provide you with a free Dragon Shard of Knowledge after a short conversation, along with the follow-up quests that you can continue down for more.

You’ll find Miguel Bright at coordinates 60, 71.4 in The Waking Shores.

After completing the questline, you can loot them throughout the world

After getting the spell cast on you at the end of the questline, you can pick up Dragon Shards of Knowledge from scout packs, or through looting enemies.

If you want to partake in this hunt on your alts, complete the quest To the Azure Span (Azure Span 71.5, 80.5), then That’s My Specialty (The Waking Shores 60, 71.4).

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