How to get Collector’s Tokens in Marvel Snap

Moving on up with a new currency.

Marvel Snap was crowned the Mobile Game of the Year during the 2022 Game Awards for good reason. The addicting collectible card game is free to play and features characters from across the Marvel Universe. Plus, it’s fun. A welcome quality in a game.

While the object is to play cards to unlock more cards, there are several little side goals that help work towards collecting all the shiny heroes and their variants. Collector’s Tokens are one of those express routes to cooler cards, but it only kicks in at Collection Level 500. If you need a refresher, we talk about upgrading cards and Collection Levels in this previous guide.

What are Collector’s Tokens?

If you haven’t hit level 500 yet, you won’t see any trace of these during your games. After you make your way up there though, you’ll start collecting tokens the same way you currently collect Mystery Cards and Boosters.

Magically, you’ll get a new section to peruse in the Shop as well. The Token Shop will offer cards that aren’t already in your collection for a certain number of tokens. You don’t have a catalog available to you all at once though. Like most of Marvel Snap goodies, there will be a rotating selection for you to select if you have the right number of tokens, and desire for that card, of course.

The offerings change every 8 hours, but you can pin a card to the shop if you want to save it for later.

How Many Tokens Equal a Card?

You have to play to upgrade cards to gain Collection Level points to unlock Collector’s Tokens to buy cool cards. Phew! Marvel Snap is all about working your way up the levels at your own speed. So once you have access to Collector’s Tokens as a currency, how do you use them?

It depends on the Deck Pool you’re in. Yay, more levels! Don’t worry, Deck Pools are directly related to Collection Level.  It’s really important to upgrade cards and move your way up the levels. Most of the more powerful are reserved to higher Pools, with Pool 3 starting at level 486. For a more in-depth look at Deck Pools, you can find out how to access higher deck pools in this previous post.

The number of tokens that a card costs will depend on the card’s Pool.

  • Pool 3 cards are 1,000 Tokens.
  • Pool 4 cards are 3,000 Tokens.
  • Pool 5 cards are 6,000 Tokens.

It’s that “simple.” The objective is clear at least.

But should you spend your tokens?

Full Deck strategies aren’t the focus of this guide, but a note on card collection does belong here. Up until level 500, the goal has essentially been to collect them all. The more cards you unlock, the more creative you can get with your Decks. It may be tempting to spend all of your tokens as you acquire them or buy a bunch of Pool 3 cards to build a great Deck.

Don’t forget that Pool 4 and Pool 5 cards are way more expensive, and tokens aren’t as plentiful as credits. Especially if you are going the Free to Play route, it will take you a lot of saving and playing to purchase the higher-level cards. You’re able to select what cards you purchase with tokens, so there’s an opportunity to be strategic with your spending.

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