How to access higher Deck Pools in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Deck Pools

Pick a card, any card

Marvel Snap is the free-to-play collectible card game that is taking the world by storm. Developed by Second Dinner, a team started by former Hearthstone developers, Marvel Snap puts you in control of the greatest heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, sending them into battle against other players in lightning-quick six-round matches. There are well over 200 cards to collect, each with multiple variants such as Pixel Variant or Venomized Variant. However, you won’t be able to get access to every card right away. Many of the game’s most powerful cards are restricted to higher Marvel Snap Deck Pools.

So, what is a Deck Pool? It’s a grouping of cards that becomes unlockable to the player depending on their Collector’s Level.

The central goal for Marvel Snap is to raise your Collector’s Level. You do this by increasing the rarity of the cards you’ve collected. Completing weekly and seasonal challenges will net you Credits. Credits are used to increase the rarity of your cards, and the higher the rarity, the more credits you’ll have to spend to increase their value. Every time you increase the rarity of a card, it will increase your overall Collector’s Level. Hitting certain Collector’s Levels will reward you with new cards, variants, gold, credits, or boosters, the latter of which is also used to increase card rarity.

It’s a pool party

Outside of your Starter Deck and Recruit Season, which is available to all players at the start of the game, your Collector’s Level will dictate which Deck Pool you’ll have access to when unlocking new cards. There are currently three Deck Pools available that cover the following Collector’s Level ranges:

  • Deck Pool 1: Levels 18 – 214
  • Deck Pool 2: Levels 222 – 474
  • Deck Pool 3: Levels 474 and Beyond

Players will obtain every card available in a Deck Pool by the time they raise their Collector’s Level to the next pool range. Building your Collector’s Level to access the later Deck Pools is easy to do through normal gameplay. As long as you keep playing, you’ll keep building that Collector’s Level and getting access to new, powerful cards.

Marvel Snap currently does not sell cards individually. However, some cards are made available exclusively through a season pass before they’re added to the standard Deck Pools. The game does allow players to purchase variants, but only of cards they already have unlocked.

With so many free-to-play mobile games finding all sorts of nefarious ways to siphon money from players, it’s refreshing to see something like Marvel Snap that’s far more interested in rewarding players for actually playing the game. Marvel Snap is now available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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