How to Upgrade Your Cards in Marvel Snap

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A guide for upgrading cards to get prizes and build your collection

Marvel Snap is a pretty intuitive mobile game that makes it easy for players at any level to hop in. While you don’t need to know much beyond the basics to do well, knowing some of the extra features can help you get more out of the game. Upgrading your cards is one of those things that may not directly contribute to wins, but it does give you access to deck-building tools.

Why Upgrade?

Players build decks out of cards that they unlock. Once the card is in your collection, you pick twelve cards to make up a deck. Deck building is a big topic that we won’t get into for this guide, but the main point is that adding cards to your collection gives you more to work with.

Upgrading your cards is purely cosmetic, mostly changing the color of the border or adding effects like 3D and animation. As you increase the rarity level of each card, the Collection Level points increase as well. These points are used to unlock various goodies including Credits, extra Boosters, and Mystery Cards.

Once you’ve started upgrading, you get more points with each rarity level increase. The more you upgrade, the more rewards you get. Typically it will take two points in order to unlock anything as you move up Collection Levels.

The highest rarity is Infinity, and it gives you +10 points. Infinity rarity unlocks another round of upgrading potential by creating a copy of itself that begins at the Common level.

These are the seven rarity levels and their corresponding Collection Level point rewards in order:

  • Common
  • Uncommon +1
  • Rare +2
  • Epic +4
  • Legendary +6
  • Ultra +8
  • Infinity +10

Credits and Boosters

Upgrading your cards requires credits and boosters. Boosters are specific to each card, and you earn them through rewards or just through playing the cards in matches. While you can unlock bonus boosters as a prize in the Collection Levels, you can also buy them with credits in the Shop.

If you have plenty of credits to burn but are low on boosters, then the Shop Fast Upgrades are there for you. But playing the cards usually earns you more than enough to upgrade. Save yourself some credits by mixing up your deck every once in a while.

Credits are a currency that you have access to way more frequently than the gold in the game. An easy way to go on an upgrading spree is to use gold to buy extra credits in limited quantities each day. Otherwise, you can win credits by completing missions, claiming daily rewards, or unlocking bonuses in the Collection Levels.

How to Upgrade Your Cards

The usual way to boost your cards for points takes place in your collection. If a card is ready to be upgraded, it will have a glowing green color with some green up arrows over the card face.

When you click the card, there is a button on the bottom right that looks like a card with up arrows on it. Clicking on that button prompts you with the question of whether you wish to upgrade that card or not. The screen will tell you which rarity level you would be upgrading to as well as how many points you would be gaining.

In a big, purple button, the cost will be laid out in credits and boosters. For example, upgrading from Rare to Epic for Rocket Raccoon will cost you 200 credits and 20 boosters, but will gain you 4 points. If you don’t have enough boosters or credits, you won’t be able to hit this upgrade button.

The only other way to upgrade is in the Fast Upgrades section of the Shop that we mentioned earlier. Only three random cards from your collection are available here every 8 hours, so it isn’t a reliable way to upgrade regularly.

And there you have it. Upgrading becomes more addicting once you start unlocking cool cards. After you move past Collection Level 214, you enter another Deck Pool with higher-power cards to unlock. Don’t worry, we already have a guide to show you how to access higher Deck Pools. 

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