How to defeat Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy

Zombies still don’t like fire eh?

Hogwarts Legacy has a ton of different enemies, some of which spring from the same tree of enemy types. One such core focus is Inferius foes: who are basically like zombies in the Wizarding World. Here’s how to easily take them out in packs.

You can defeat Inferius zombies in Hogwarts Legacy with fire spells first, then anything you want

The trick to killing Inferius enemies in Hogwarts Legacy lies with one word: fire. You can open them up to damage with the following spells:

  • Confringo
  • Incendio

After you use one of these on an Inferius enemy type, they’ll visibly light up on fire, and they’ll be open to damage of any other type until they bite the dust. As a bonus tip: you can actually buff up both Confringo and Incedio using talents. Both talent buffs include allowing fire spells to hit multiple enemies, which is particularly great for Inferius, as they generally appear in packs. I generally keep at least one fire spell on one of my spell wheels permanently, just in case a situation like this comes up (or a fire puzzle presents itself).

That said, there are alternatives for dealing with Inferius zombies

  • Ancient Magic finishers (L1/R1 or LB/RB) will instantly kill Inferius enemies
  • The Imperio spell will command an Inferius enemy to side with you temporarily, but interestingly, it cannot deal damage to other Inferius combatants unless they are lit aflame as well
  • The Avada Kavadra killing curse will not work on a non-fiery Inferius enemy (though it will work if they are on fire)

Where to find Inferius dens in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll encounter Inferius naturally throughout the Hogwarts Legacy storyline, but you can find them via world map dens. This is especially useful if you’re trying to grind out combat-related challenges, or even go for achievement/trophy progress. We’ve provided the location of several dens in the gallery above.

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