How to fix the blue characters graphical glitch in Hogwarts Legacy

A few errant settings in Hogwarts Legacy have a tendency to run amok

Although I didn’t encounter any major glitches or big technical hurdles in Hogwarts Legacy, there are issues that have been popping up for some players. One big one is the robotic voice glitch, which can be fixed via messing with some in-game settings, even on consoles. That also applies to the so-called “blue characters graphical glitch.” Here’s how to fix it.

The blue characters graphical glitch is caused via accessibility option, which could get toggled on

High contrast gameplay (which is very common accessibility setting to increase visibility of both the player character and enemies) is linked to the blue character glitch. Not only is it unreliable depending on the platform, but it can also get toggled on by default, leading to players to…well…search for a solution.

To fix it temporarily, just go to the main menu, then go to settings, then the accessibility menu. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and turn off high contrast gameplayHogwarts Legacy‘s menus are a bit wonky, so you’ll want to look for the gear icon in the bottom right if you can’t find the settings section.

For a breakdown of the game’s accessibility and performance settings, we have a full guide here.

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