How to farm Gimmighoul Coins in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Gimme back my coin!

If you’re exploring Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll inevitably encounter Gimmighouls sooner than later.

These little ghosts will often be sitting on rocks or ledges in random places. When examined, you’ll get a handful of Gimmighoul Coins before they disappear. These materials seem to have no purpose at first, but there’s a huge reward for collecting them. After you own 999 Gimmighoul coins, any Gimmighoul you catch will evolve into the absolutely phenomenal Gholdengo when it levels up.

With a great Ghost/Steel Typing, a potent spread of stats, and an ability that blocks status moves, this Pokemon is absolutely worth the effort.

Yet how, exactly, are you supposed to farm 999 Gimmighoul Coins when they appear so inconsistently? As it turns out, there are a few strategies to speed up the process.

Where to find roaming Gimmighouls

As mentioned above, the roaming Gimmighouls will be your passive source of Gimmighoul Coins. 90% of the time, a roaming Gimmighoul will award you with 1-5 Gimmighoul coins. However, there is a rare chance you can receive as many as 200 Gimmighoul coins from these little monsters. Absolutely don’t pass these by if you see one.

If you’re looking to grind roaming Gimmighouls specifically, your best bet is to check ruins. These monsters will be found more commonly here, in addition to other Pokemon who tend to gravitate towards ruins, like Tinkatink. These Gimmighouls have a 50% chance to reappear daily, so don’t bother to double-check the areas you’ve covered until your system’s clock has rolled over to the next day.

That said, this method is not the most efficient way to farm Gimmighoul coins. You’re much better looking for the source.

Where to find Gimmighoul Chests

If you want to find a Gimmighoul you can catch, you’ll need one in its chest form. These encounters can be reliably found on top of watchtowers across Paldea. Whether you catch or defeat the Gimmighoul you find, you’ll receive a much greater sum of Gimmighoul coins than the wandering Gimmighouls give. This will typically range from 10-50 coins, but you can receive as many as 200 or 777 from a chest!

There are 14 watchtowers in total, and they are easy to access since each unlocks a fast travel point when you climb atop them. The one exception is the Leaking Tower of Paldea near Alfornada, which seems to be impossible to climb like other towers. You’ll want to mount Koraidon or Miraidon and jump to the top yourself from the nearby cliffside. Gimmighoul chests can also be found in select ruins, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Each Gimmighoul chest has a 5% chance to respawn each day. A low chance to be sure, but keep checking spots where you found Gimmighoul chests and you’ll inevitably have the 999 you need. Remember to keep track of your Gimmighoul Coin count in the TM Materials section of your inventory!

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