How to farm Chicken Eggs in Resident Evil 4 remake

Don’t kill the chickens, for starters

Chickens are my favorite animal, so when I hear their cute little clucks in the Resident Evil 4 Remake: I worry. Thankfully they won’t run into too much trouble unless you take them out directly, but you probably don’t want to do that because they’re insanely useful. Here’s how to get chicken eggs with higher frequency while you’re playing through the remake.

Every time you come across a chicken, wait for it to hatch some eggs

Patience is the key to farming eggs in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

When you come across one, don’t kill it. Instead, sit there and wait for it to lay an egg, then pick it up. Eggs can restore your health in the remake, can be sold for Pesetas at the Merchant, or can be used as projectiles to throw at enemies. Turning up your sound or putting on headphones can make a difference for chicken sightings.

Snakes can carry eggs in their loot table too. Another great way to find eggs is to smash every shoulder-high rectangular crate you can: which is where snakes generally lie in wait (but for how long?!) to strike your throat. Get in the habit of smashing the crate and having your knife ready to slash at the snake.

There are tons of chicken eggs to farm early in the game

In Chapter 4 after you’ve gained access to the boat you’ll be able to explore the lake and locate several critical paths/extra areas. One of the most pertinent locales is the semi-hidden chicken island: located on the east side of the lake (looking at a map). Drive over there and park your boat, then…wait.

You’ll be able to find a golden egg here, on top of any number of eggs that each chicken provides. We have a full breakdown of the chicken island here.

Chapter 12 will also present a unique opportunity to farm eggs in the throne room. We have a full breakdown of how to get to the throne room here.

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