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How to defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

I hope you like orbs

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Hogwarts Legacy does indeed have a final boss, and it’s exactly who you expected. Let’s take a look at how to defeat Ranrok, who takes up a new visage that’s markedly different from his original goblin form.

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Prep for the battle with Ranrok before you actually start

One key mechanic you’ll need to tangle with when fighting Ranrok is different-colored orbs, which mirror the boss fights with the Pensieve Guardians earlier in the story.

Make sure that you have at least one purple spell, one yellow spell, and one red spell on an accessible hotbar at all times. When it comes time to take down an orb of a specific color, you’ll be able to do so in a flash if you have an array of spells available at a moment’s notice. You will need to sling those spells fast too, as the timing window on the orbs can be tight. Having them in a reliable order that fits your playstyle can be a boon: such as putting yellow on the bottom, red on the sides (two red spells are fine, as they’re some of the highest DPS available in Hogwarts Legacy), and purple on the top.

Buying the extended dodge talent is also a great way to ensure that you’re ready for Ranrok, as some of his abilities have a huge range and cover a lot of ground.

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Phase 1 will dictate a lot of Ranrok’s patterns for the rest of the fight

After the fight begins, Ranrok will take the form of a powerful dragon, utilizing the energy of the The Final Repository.

One of Ranrok’s chief abilities is flame breath, which operates like a beam attack that strikes in a horizontal line, at a medium-length from his character model. To counter it, we recommend keeping your distance from Ranrok at all times, so you can completely avoid this attack. If he rears up and looks like he’s about to breathe fire and you’re close, just dodge roll backward. Another core ability Ranrok has is fireballs, which are easily dodged as you can see them coming from afar.

Throughout the fight, orbs will appear on-screen, taking the form of purple, yellow, or red color schemes. When these appear you’ll want to attack them with a same-color spell immediately, which opens up Ranrok for more damage. Drop everything you’re doing and focus on these, to the point of dodge spamming and keeping your focus on the orbs so that you can match your spell coloring and attack them swiftly.

The biggest bit of advice I can give you here: get in close for the purple orbs, as trying to hit them from too far of a distance can result in a whiff (which, when taking cooldowns into account, can cause issues).

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The other phases will be more of the same, but with more orbs

After depleting a bar of Ranrok’s health, he’ll move to a different zone and will queue up two orbs instead of one. Follow him to the new battlefield and be ready to hit multiple orbs, while doing everything you’ve been doing for the first phase. Ranrok will also charge up and use a sphere-like explosion attack, which you can handily dodge by moving to the back of the arena and dodging backward (same principle as the flame breath).

After depleting another bar of health, the final phase will start. You’ll need to take out three orbs in succession this time. Ranrok’s abilities will be the same, but the window of opportunity is tighter than normal. These orbs have a much shorter timeline, and will disappear if you ignore them for too long. Focus on getting into position to hit them accurately, then roll back to go back into defensive mode. Rinse and repeat and Ranrok will fall.

Congrats! The story is over, and you can now work toward the postgame ending.

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