How to complete the Untraceable mission in DMZ Warzone 2

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Snipe and Wipe

In Warzone 2 DMZ mode, players will find many unique yet entertaining missions. While some missions are straightforward, others feature tricky objectives to solve. The Tier 2 mission “Untraceable” for the Legion Faction is a mix of both these aspects, as it can be relatively easy or surprisingly hard depending on the player.

This mission consists of three primary tasks. The first task involves retrieving a weapon from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop. Note that this area is the same one you need to visit during the Crash Down mission for the Black Mous Faction. Once you find the weapon, you must eliminate a target known as the Chemist within the same deployment. After taking down the Chemist, you’ll need to return the weapon to its original location.

While the individual tasks themselves may not be excessively difficult, there are certain details you should know before taking on this mission. With this in mind, let’s proceed.

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Take the weapon from the Dead Drop and kill the Chemist

Your first objective is to retrieve the weapon from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop. The Dead Drop is situated on the northern side of the area, as indicated on the map above. However, this area is teeming with Al Soldiers, so prepare to fight your way through if necessary. Once you reach the location, collect the weapon from the Dead Drop. This will mark the first task as complete.

Next, you must eliminate the Chemist using the sniper rifle you just found from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop. The Chemist can be found within the Radiation Area, marked on your tac map with a distinctive purple icon enclosed in a yellow circle.

You’ll want to focus on reaching the Radiation Area fast, as other players may be undertaking the same mission. In such cases, if they arrive before you and kill the Chemist, you will need to attempt the task in a separate deployment. Remember to equip a Gas Mask before entering. Otherwise, you’ll slowly lose health. You can acquire a Gas Mask by eliminating soldiers within the area.

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How to reach the Chemist

There are two viable approaches you can consider for this mission, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The first option involves entering the zone and engaging the many soldiers there before finding and eliminating the Chemist. However, remember that you will also need to contend with the hazardous gas, which is deadly without a gas mask. On the upside, this approach offers better visibility of the Chemist, allowing for precise sniper shots.

Alternatively, you can opt for a strategic advantage by positioning yourself on a high vantage point near the radiation zone. This approach avoids the need to engage multiple soldiers, as you’ll just focus on finding and targeting the Chemist. Note that the SP-X 80 Sniper Rifle obtained from the Dead Drop isn’t the best sniper in the game, potentially resulting in missed shots on the target. Consider your play style and select the approach that aligns best with your strengths.

Upon successfully eliminating the Chemist, simply return the sniper rifle to the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop and the mission will reach its conclusion.

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