How to complete the Cataclysm encounter in Destiny 2

Seek out the Final God of Pain

Destiny 2‘s The Root of Nightmares raid is here. With it comes a series of tricky encounters. Guardians are fighting to claim the World’s First title, and those who get it will have figured out all the encounters faster than any other player in the world. The opening encounter to the raid is called Cataclysm, but how do you get there in the first place?

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From spawning in, head to the left and follow a path, killing ads along the way. Head down a set of stairs towards a statue of Nezarec. In this spot is also a collectible, so be sure to pick that up. Then you’ll see a set of stairs to the right, follow that and walk into the orange glowing light. This will bring you outside, and you’ll be able to climb the iridescent roots until you reach an outdoor arena. This is the start of the Cataclysm encounter.

How to complete the Cataclysm encounter

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You’ll see a small Traveler orb with a field around it. The goal is to transport this orb from the start of the arena to the end in a full loop. Assign one or two people that will be the “transporters”. When the encounter starts, this orb will point toward where the next will spawn. Shoot the orb to spawn the next one and collect a buff called Field of Light which enables the transporters to move the Traveler orb along. Repeat this until you reach the end of the arena.

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That sounds simple enough, but the entire fire team has a debuff that is counting down called Sweeping Terror. If this reaches zero, the entire team will wipe. To refresh the timer, Tormentors need to be defeated. Two Psions will spawn around the arena which needs to be melee-ed out of their bubbles to spawn a Tormentor. If the transporters are close to completing a phase, you can leave the Tormentors alive to kill as soon as the Sweeping Terror debuff appears, giving them more than a minute to clear the next phase.

Keep pushing the orb down the battlefield by ensuring the transporters keep the Field of Light buff and the rest of the team deals with hordes of enemies and the Tormentors when they appear. You’ll need to do a complete lap of the battlefield until you see a message which says “his hatred halts” and an exit point will appear near to where the encounter began. Head to the exit to complete the encounter and continue through the Root of Nightmares raid.

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