How to complete Against Overwhelming Odds quest in WoW Dragonflight

If you can stomach it, turn War Mode (PVP) on ASAP in Dragonflight

World PVP is back with a vengeance in WoW Dragonflight, and that includes questlines, tokens, currencies, and all sorts of goodies. Here’s how to kick off the Against Overwhelming Odds questline.

Where to start and finish the Against Overwhelming Odds quest

For starters, you’ll want to turn on War Mode before any of this. Go to your faction’s capital (Stormwind or Orgrimmar), press N for your talent tree, then turn on War Mode in the lower right-hand corner of the popup menu. Next, you’ll need to pick up the Against Overwhelming Odds quest in Valdrakken.

Against Overwhelming Odds can be found in the PVP room of Gladiator’s Refuge, which is just west of The Seat of the Aspects (map location in the gallery above). Speak to the NPC Malicia, where you’ll be asked to defeat 25 level 70 players in world PVP. After taking out 25 level 70 players of the opposite faction, you’ll get conquest points and Dragon Isles Supplies, as well as 250 Bloody Tokens.

If you don’t see the quest, and are here because you’re confused/think it’s bugged, know that only the outnumbered faction (on my server it was Alliance) can trigger it.

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We recommend doing this in tandem with War Supply Crates

All the while you’ll be earning Bloody Tokens, and coming across War Supply Crates by accident.

Form a PVP party to reap the benefits of the Against Overwhelming odds, and ensure that you have the prequisites for all of the world PVP quests ready to go, that way you can do multiple things at once.

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