How to complete a Primal Storm in WoW Dragonflight

The pre-patch event returns

If you played the pre-patch period before WoW Dragonflight actually came out, you’re already familiar with the concept of Primal Storms. If not, no worries! We’ll explain them in full here.

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Primal Storms will pop up all over the world map

To get to the point where you can participate in Primal Storms, you’ll need to finish the campaign, then open up the forge in the Bottled Essence/Spark of Ingenuity storyline. You will need to repeat this process again for each faction, despite the many alt concessions Dragonflight has.

Primal Storms are essentially world events, which appear on the world map through several obvious elemental-based icons. When they’re currently active, you can fly right to them and start whittling away the enemies inside.

Primal Storms began on December 12, 2022, and appear for two hours at a time, then are inactive for an hour. Wowhead showcases when each event starts/ends in multiple regions on their frontpage: just check the box labeled “elemental storms.”

How to get Elemental Overflow and Storm Sigils in WoW Dragonflight

You’ll want to have your favorite streaming video service on hand for Primal Storms, as they’re farm fests of the highest order.

Once you’re there, you can kill enemies indefinitely to earn Elemental Overflow (another currency), with no weekly cap. The only limitation is the requirement to head to a new Primal Storm while one is inactive. Storm Sigils can also be earned, but only at a cap of eight per week. If you’re interested, there’s a PrimalStorms weekly status check addon here.

You can tell you’re in a Primal Storm because game text will show up at the top of your screen (pictured above).

Where to spend Elemental Overflow

You’ll actually spend Elemental Overflow in Valdrakken for gear through the NPC Mythressa (coordinates 38, 37), located just northeast of the Obsidian Enclave (full directions are located in the gallery above).

The prices are as follows:

  • Two-handed weapons: 800 Elemental Overflow
  • One-handed weapons (intellect-based): 500 Elemental Overflow
  • One-handed weapons (strength/agility-based): 400 Elemental Overflow
  • Helmet, chest, legs: 500 Elemental Overflow
  • Shoulders, gloves, boots: 350 Elemental Overflow
  • Off-hand weapons and shields – 300 Elemental Overflow
  • Belts, cloaks, bracers –  200 Elemental Overflow

Storm Sigils can similarly be turned into the NPC Rethelshi (right next to Mythressa) for Primal-Infused gear.

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